Hi, I’m a chilean woman proud of the culture, and the people that makes this country.

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  1. The trapped miners must be compensated, their suffering should not be treated like a passing situation; their rescued effort were too long. How would the mine’s owner feel if it were him spending 69 days in the dark with limited amount of water and food! To the mine owner, please pay the trapped miners, if it were you, you would want to be compensated also. You were their employer, they were working in your best interest, making you a fortune in profit, so be considerate, extend some of that million dollar profit those miner had provided to you in their behalf, treat those miners like you would want to be treated, like the members of your family!
    Thank you

  2. The company that operated the mine reached a settlement with the Chilean government in the civil portion of the case, agreeing to pay $5 million to cover the cost of the rescue operation. Hernan de Solminihac, the country’s mining minister, said he hopes the miners’ civil lawsuit will stay.
    So far, compensation for the miners has included a $10,000 gift each from Chilean billionaire Leonardo Farkas, and 14 miners were given lifetime monthly pensions of about $540 by Cecilia Morel, Chile’s first lady.

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